Infatuation with the Never Ending Past
HD video
19min 36 sec

Premiere in Solstice festival 23. - 25.6.2022
Ruka - Kuusamo
Kristoffer Ala-Ketola’s video work Infatuation with the Never Ending Past is constructed from hundreds of scenes and shots which together create a sequence of association, an absurd narrative, and a proposition for an edited history. The work takes its form from montage and the surrealist history of collaged film.
Ala-Ketola combines vignettes of his personal life with constructed studio imagery to portray a queer journey which juxtaposes the personal and shared, symbolist and documentative, directed and intuitive, archived and edited. Ala-Ketola meditates on the roles of being a director, editor, performer, viewer, subject and object simultaneously by examining his diaristic video clips, recounting them into a fantasy of a past. The inner logic of the work creates narrative through association between multitude of imagery from different contexts, finding structure by imposing a persistent beat that emphasizes the passage of time.
The video references friendship, joy, communities, partying, nature, animals, bugs, and the memories people save in their devices in order to evoke recognizable spaces of human connection, shared consciousness, and being alive.