Expect Revenge
25min – 1-channel HD-video 16:9 H264
Commissioned work for Helsinki Pride Month by Exhibition Centre WeeGee.
Premiere on 1 June 2023
On display from 1 June to 2 July 2023

Next on view at Ilmiö Festival Turku Finland 22.7.2023
Expect Revenge is a visual poem that consists of hundreds of scenes, combines different narratives and episodes and creates a proposal for a modified history. The video work borrows its style from the tradition of music videos and video collages.
In this video work, the author contrasts scenes from his personal life with constructed images and describes a queer journey in which different opposites merge together. Through his work, Ala-Ketola reflects on his role as a viewer, author and director, among other things.
The themes of Expect Revenge stem from human encounters, friendship and the history linked to queer politics. The work reflects the way we currently store our lives’ moments to digital devices.
The work has its roots in Finland’s current cultural politics. Ala-Ketola recognises how the creation of art is downplayed and disregarded in public debate, which leads to the deterioration of the preconditions for artists’ livelihoods. The work portrays the joy of creating art while it also depicts the awareness that the creation of art requires support from society. Adhering to Helsinki Pride’s Joy and Riot theme, Ala-Ketola challenges viewers to defend their rights in politics and to support culture.
The City of Espoo is an official partner of Helsinki Pride in 2023.